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being good is tough, we're here to help

GOOD WORKS is a network of talented and experienced biz people who want to help you realize your good ideas for free.


we live in a world built by our parents and our grandparents. it is full of old ideas. some that don’t work anymore and some that are out and out bad. we believe it is the foremost responsibility of this generation (you) to reimagine our institutions and change them for good, and we want to help you for free.


if you believe that disability of the mind and of the body do not describe actual ability, that the genitals you are born with, that you wish to touch, or wish to change, simply make you and the world more beautiful and true, that technicolor ideas can only come from technicolor teams, if you are a legacy hater, an apple cart upsetter, a cheerleader to change, or someone who loves dogs… then you are good and we want to help you for free.


you might be a big established business, or you may have just had an idea smoking joints after midnight… whatever stage you're at, whatever you're working on we want to help you for free.

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